Blanket Wrap 

Here at L&J Logistics, we understand the need for increased loading capacity with significant cost savings. When your company ships or receives high value products, you'll want to utilize the best in the industry. L&J has over 24 years of dedicated experience as a blanket wrap carrier of high value goods for both consumer and commercial clients. We have developed a system that can meet your needs regardless of what they may be. Our solutions will help keep your costs down and eliminate the need for expensive crating services, ultimately increasing your load capacity and resources. Our blanket wrap services offer the best in protection and cost effectiveness overall.

Whether your company needs careful handling with Office Furniture, Trade Show Equipment, Retail Store Fixtures, or Specialized Items and equipment, L&J Logistics has the resources to carefully load and transport your shipment. Blanket-wrapping your items will help to save you money, all while giving you the flexibility to focus your resources where they count.

Contact L&J Logistics today to find out how your shipping needs can be met with our blanket wrap solutions .